Johnny Ink

Copy of Copy of A DESIGN HOUSE

Johnny Ink is a small design house, now based in the budding metropolis of Boise. For over two decades we’ve been helping brand and rebrand companies through identity, collateral, web, advertising and social media. We’ve designed hundreds of book covers, a boatload of packaging, our own product line, and have been featured in both Graphis’ and Print’s Design Annuals.


John Brenner

Designer, wordsmith, and super-Gemini, John has a fierce passion for typography, yet remarkably bad penmanship. The youngest son of an English professor and an editor, he’s clever and observant. He spends a good deal of time sketching, though he can’t draw and he’s a terrible dancer despite being a good drummer. He’ll rake leaves in January just to be outside and makes a mean omelet.

mati young

Designer, photographer, music addict, and social media whiz, Mati is city to the core. Most alive with a dangerous amount of irons in the fire and balls in the air, it is no surprise that she twirled a mean baton as a kid and has spun fire as an adult. She has birthed twins, loves cloudy days, and despite her beautiful, fair skin, was really tan at one point in her life. Ask her about it.